Our treatments

Laser epilation


Laser epilation permanently suppresses hair growth in a few sessions. The centre has modern equipment based on the latest technologies to offer you the best in terms of safety and efficacy.

Tattoo removal


The ultramodern equipment of the Butterfly centre allows tattoos deeper in the skin to be removed, and the sensations are less painful than with other laser techniques, as a jet of cold …

Medical tattooing


Regaining your femininity thanks to medical tattooing. The Butterfly centre performs relief tattooing of the mammary areola to conceal the scars from breast surgery.

Skin beauty


RecoSMA™ technology, advanced technology for cellular renewal. The Butterfly centre wishes to offer its patients the best in technology with a patented state-of-the-art laser device: the RecoSMA™ laser.

Hair transplantation


All our treatments begin with a capillary assessment carried out by one of our aesthetic doctors. They will use a trichogram to analyse the condition of your hair, scalp and hair bulbs. They then …

Injectable skincare


The Butterfly centre offers aesthetic medicine services performed by practitioners specialised in Botox injections. Respect for a natural appearance is the guiding principle of the doctors who practise injection…

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